3 Types Of Written Content For Your Affiliate Site


As you know, written content is an important part of any online business. Let’s talk about three popular forms of content and how you can use them to market your Amazon affiliate business, build a relationship with your audience and show off your expertise . . .
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#1: Blog Posts

Blog posts are a great way to share tips, ideas, product reviews, customer testimonials, pictures, videos, stories and just about anything else related to your niche.
Your goal should be twofold . . . You want to share content that attracts new visitors that might be interested in your products, and grow your relationship with your existing readership. However, not every post has to do both, but strive for a balance.

Example . . . if you’re in the camping niche, you may want to write about common problems while camping such as, how to start a fire in windy or wet conditions (while commenting on the latest all-weather fire-starter gadget you found on Amazon). You may also want to share recipes or even tips on identifying flora and fauna in a given locale.

Keep things interesting and get in the habit of providing fresh content at least one or more times a week.

#2: Short Reports or e-Guides

The basic idea is to write a short informational piece on a particular topic and distribute it as a PDF.
An easy way to create a report or e-guide is to get a feel for what your intended audience is looking for . . . a how-to, a solution for a problem, etc. One option is to take a popular blog post and expand on the topic. Or, perhaps combine a couple of blog posts, tweak, add images and resource links.
Your goal is to share your expertise, grow your reach and get more eyeballs to your site. Whether you have an Amazon affiliate store or a product review site, these types of written content are often used as a free gift (an “ethical bribe” or reward) for signing up for a mailing list.
And speaking of mailing lists . . .

#3: Emails

Growing a list of subscribers who take advantage of your free report or e-guide in exchange for their email address is a beautiful thing . . . and should be one of your top priorities.
You will have a golden opportunity to build relationships with readers by regularly sharing:

  • Tips and how-to’s
  • Links to the latest posts on your site
  • Helpful videos
  • Anything fun and interesting you come across
  • Even, what’s going on in your own life

Of course you will have some product recommendations mixed in there as well (you’re in business after all). But you get the idea . . . it’s about using this type of written content to stay in touch with people who are interested in your niche and who will become (or continue to be) a customer!
For many online marketers, the bulk of their sales and/or commissions are a direct result of their email marketing campaigns.
Are you using all three types of written content for your Amazon affiliate business? If not, commit to trying all three. However, if you’re already using all of them . . . bravo! You can simply seize the opportunity to step up your game and crank out even more quality content to grow your reach and your business.

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