A Fresh Store Builder Review From Marketever


We received word that the founder of Marketever.com really loves Fresh Store Builder. So much so, that he took the time to write a lengthy review of Fresh Store Builder. His enthusiasm shows through as he shares what he likes best and how these features can help you build a viable Amazon affiliate store. Here are some of the highlights …
Al-Amin Kabir, entrepreneur and founder of Marketever, has been building and running niche review sites with good success. But when he heard about Fresh Store Builder from a fellow online marketer, he was excited to give it a try.
Here are just a few (among many) of his favorite features …

Ease of Use: He simply loves the step-by-step user interface that makes it super-easy to set up an Amazon affiliate store, even if you are a beginner.

Search Engine Optimized: He agrees that it doesn’t hurt to have a fully optimized site and was pleasantly surprised that SEO is built right into Fresh Store Builder.

Automatic Product Updates: He is impressed that Amazon products are automatically updated by the software, whether it is a change of price, availability or even a change of description … thus eliminating the time-consuming need to update changes manually.

Speed Optimized: Nowadays, it is ultra- important that your website load lightning fast, otherwise you may lose potential customers. He loves that Fresh Store Builder optimizes your site for speed … no matter what device is used to access your store (mobile, tablet or computer).

Performance Reports: He touts this as one of Fresh Store Builder’s best features. The fact that you can track how many visitors you have, where they’re coming from, and which links get the most clicks, are among many more available reports that are uber-useful in managing and even scaling your affiliate business.

Kabir’s list goes on … and we really appreciate his recommendation. Click to see even more Fresh Store Builder reviews .

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