The Benefits of Blogging For Your Amazon Affiliate Stores


You may be wondering, “Why should I have a blog connected to my Amazon stores?” The answer is simple: to help attract customers. To be sure, one of the most successful ways to build your online presence, your brand and a community of followers, is by blogging. And here are four good reasons to start today …


#1:  Blogging Draws Traffic

When visitors are referred or directed to your website, that’s called traffic. Without traffic, you have no chance of engaging a potential customer and ultimately making a sale. So it goes without saying that building up a steady stream of reliable traffic is very important to your Amazon affiliate business.
While there are several good ways to drive traffic to your site, quality content in the form of blog posts will attract organic traffic.

An Example: You’ve used Fresh Store Builder to set up an Amazon affiliate store focused on camp kitchen supplies. Your connected blog, “Campside Cooking” can offer all sorts of articles, tips and tutorials, all related to cooking when camping.

When you consistently add quality engaging content through blog posts, you attract visitors to your site that actually want to be there.
The point is, the more interesting blog posts you create, the more pages from your site get indexed by the search engines, and the more avenues there are for “qualified” buyers to find your site.

#2:  Blogging Builds Authority

Another important benefit to blogging is the perceived increase in authority of the person who is creating the blog posts.

Back to Our Example: On your “Campside Cooking” blog, you can talk about any number of topics, such as:
fire safety and first-aid
stoves for group campers vs solo back-packers
tips on all-weather cooking
water distillation tips
food storage options
reviews on the latest cooking gadgets

People buy from those they trust, and there is no better method than presenting quality content relevant to the subject at hand. This serves to solidify within the mind of your buying audience, that you know your stuff.
By creating great content, you may be seen not only as an authority, but as a leader in your field. So when you make Amazon product recommendations, people tend to listen and buy.

#3:  Blogging Maximizes Your ROI

Essentially, your ROI on the time you spend blogging has huge potential. You write a blog post once, and if that post is really helpful and engaging, it will be shared across social media platforms and seen by hundreds and hundreds – maybe thousands — of potential customers.
With content that is consistently accurate, relevant, and interesting, the mileage you get out of those blog posts will create the kind of return-on-investment your business will come to rely on.

#4:  Blogging Allows You To Leave A Lasting Impression

A widely overlooked benefit of blogging is that once you publish a blog post, it is there for everyone to see indefinitely. Unlike paid ads, blog posts have an extremely long shelf life.

. . . . . . . . . . . .

As you can see, blogging is an essential part of building your Amazon affiliate store. When you create unique content and publish it on your blog for the world to see, your current customers and all potential buyers will see it for the quality information that it is.
And with an arsenal of content at your disposal, you can look forward to drawing a constant stream of traffic that wants what you have to offer. Quality blogging simply equals more sales.

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