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Did you know that blog commenting can help drive traffic to your Amazon affiliate site? You may think that commenting on another person’s website only gives them all the attention, but actually, the opposite is true . . .
As you already know, blogging about your chosen niche is a powerful way to build your authority, increase awareness of your brand all while inviting traffic to your Amazon affiliate store or website.  Well, there’s another slant on blogging for business . . . and that is, blog commenting.

Blog Commenting Helps Build Backlinks & Traffic

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“Backlinking” refers to leaving your own website URL on another site which links back to your site. Doing this in the form of blog commenting, can create a relevant backlink when the site you are commenting on is close in nature to your own site’s niche.
Why Is Backlinking Important?  It’s because major search engines take into consideration the relevance of the backlinks to your site. Relevant backlinks are seen as a measure of popularity for your site, and that’s one of the things a search engine likes to see.
When the search engines discover links back to your site from related sites in your own niche, your own site will eventually rank higher.

First Steps …

The first step in getting quality backlinks and gaining traffic through blog commenting is to do research to find related sites with blogs that you can comment on.

Example: If you manage an Amazon store or review site about waterproof watches, then you may want to seek out blogs related to any number of watersports such as swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, diving, rafting, etc.

Just be sure to leave a “helpful” comment and/or share your expertise on the subject matter (in a way that adds value to the thread of conversation).

Quality Backlinking Helps Build Quality Relationships

By tapping into this type of traffic procurement, you will not only attract potential buyers, but you’ll also establish relationships with other authorities within your niche. This association will create a WIN-WIN situation for all parties involved. You’ll gain the relevant backlinks to your site, and the other site owner will get fantastic quality content in the process.
Bonus Tip: Straight from the horses (aka Mat Cutts from Google) mouth, it is better to use your name as the anchor text in blog comments. Read more about that here.
To re-cap … the key to successful blog commenting for backlinks and traffic includes:

  • Finding blogs with content closely related to your own business niche;
  • Commenting on blog posts intelligently, offering solid advice on what you know;
  • Leaving your own site’s URL in the appropriate field when you leave your blog comment.

Blog commenting helps you build relationships within your niche and is a highly effective way to gain targeted traffic to your site. Worth a try, don’t you think?

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