Current Roadmap – Planned Features and Additions


We are working hard behind the scenes. Read on to take a look at what we have planned for the near future.

These are exciting times for Fresh Store Builder. We are progressing through some highly requested features and we thought it was the perfect opportunity to guide you through some of the upcoming changes:

Upcoming Script Changes

We do not have a set delivery date on a new version yet, but we are working around the clock to make some amazing changes and additions. Be sure to check our website often for an update on this upcoming release.
Here are some, but not all, of the features we are currently working on:
Upgraded Templating System – this is perhaps the most important of changes to be made. Our goals are to allow easier and quicker changing of your store design (for newbies and the experienced) and to encourage a thriving template community. The template system will be fully detailed, but will include a “base” template with an override system so you can quickly and easily build new templates. There will be many more options in the admin area so you will never need to look at the code to make the changes you want.
Product Tags – The new version is going to include a new way to organize and describe products: tags. Like a WordPress blogger may tag their posts, you can connect similar products to make it easier for your customers to find what they need.
Improved Search Results – Another popular request in terms of performance and its matches, the search results are being improved so it is both faster and more effective when matching search terms.
Custom Best Sellers and Special Offers – We are adding more options to your store which will give you much more control over the items which come up on the “Best Sellers” and “Special Offers” selection. This is aimed to give your store more customization options that you can benefit from.
Better Product Management FSB will include more configuration options for handling products under special circumstances. For examples, you can now choose to display products without offers on your store.
Better Newsletter Integration – As requested very often to us, we are working diligently to provide a much better integration of the newsletter box on your stores with popular online services which would allow you to capitalize on those signups more effectively.

Other Additions and Improvements

Fresh Store Builder is much more than just the software. We have a thriving community and a wealth of information. As our commitment to our users we are constantly working on improving and adding to the service as a whole. Here are some of the improvements we are actively working on and are close to completion.
Improved Guides and Screencasts – We are working hard to add more guides, improve existing guides and create screencasts so you can get more out of Fresh Store Builder.
New Forum Software – Our forum is advancing to the next level. We will be changing the forum software, integrating fully with your account, expanding and improving. We will introduce a rewards based system, signatures, PMs, “Thanking” and many more cool features.
New Support System – We are replacing our Support System to include some great new features including a knowledgebase and remote desktop support. A more organised support system will mean more efficiency and quicker support response times.
Fully Integrated Account – Your account will be fully integrated with the Forum and Support Software, and will become your central account for our future products and services. Depending on your feedback we will expand your account into profiles so you can show off your stores, sell your services and interact socially with your fellow members.
Thank you as always for your support and for being part of the Fresh Store Builder community
– Carey Baird

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6 Responses

  1. I love the script and the hardwork you and your team is putting in. The support is even now fantastic and you are bringing in better support!
    I wish you all the best and full support from my side.

  2. I didn`t set up my shop yet, but I`m excited to hear you are listening and are going to implement things to make our life easier. By the way, can we have more sizes of affiliate banners 🙂 ?

  3. Thanks guys!
    Post the sizes of affiliate banners you want in the private forum and we will see what we can do 😉
    The new template system will introduce a new translation module, making it easy for the German market and any language.