Email Marketing Basics: Don’t Overlook These 4 Things


As an Amazon affiliate, you really should consider email marketing as part of your business strategy. When done right, it will prove extremely important in your overall success . . . from boosting revenue to establishing you as a trusted authority in your niche.

Email Marketing Basics

Email Marketing
Here are four fundamental things to keep in mind . . .

#1: Always Get Permission First

Gone are the days when you could purchase a huge list of consumer emails, send out an offer and expect to get a good response.
Today people are savvier. Most often, they will either delete unsolicited emails right away . . . or worse yet, report them as spam.

The point is this: When building a list, you should never send an email to someone who did not request to get an email from you.

The good news is that getting “permission” is easier that you may think. Create an offer you can give away to visitors in exchange for their name and email address. For example, a free report, an eCourse, a newsletter subscription, a video tip, etc.
When you send someone to an opt-in form (that is connected to an autoresponder service), you will have an opportunity to get their “permission” to send them the free offer as well as future communications.

#2: Provide Value To Your Subscribers

While your goal is to make money, building a list is not just about offering as many products as you can. Instead, you want to focus on providing valuable content, like HOW a product could help them or other tips related to your niche.

The point is: Find something useful and share it. This goes a long way toward building trust.

After all, people love to buy, but you just have to position the product offerings the right way. “Helping” will turn subscribers into buyers!

#3: Test Before You Send

This is just plain common sense . . . always send your email messages to yourself before sending to your list.
That’s because you want to:

  • make sure everything looks right
  • make sure all of your links work
  • make sure there are no typos

All it takes is two minutes to proofread each of your messages.

#4: Send Emails Regularly

The frequency of emails you send out really depends on what niche you’re in, who your audience is and the type of list you’re building. Some niches would love to hear from you every single day, while others wouldn’t.
Most people who are new to email marketing are often afraid to send more than one email a week. However, at a minimum, try sending out about three emails a week. You can always make adjustments later after testing and tracking.

The point is: Be consistent in sending out communications . . . and send as often as your list wants to hear from you.

As long as you are providing “useful” content and really helping your subscribers, they will look forward to your emails . . . And that’s email marketing at its finest!

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