New Version – Fresh Store Builder v3.0.5


Version 3.0.5 is now released with New Features and bug fixes for problems reported from v3.0.4.
Please use this forum for any further bug reports for v3.0.5:
The download is available in your account area, and if you are a premium member includes a quick upgrade from v2.7.0, v3.0.0, v3.0.1, v3.0.2, v3.0.3 and v3.0.4 – please make sure you use the correct quick upgrade package. If upgrading from a version earlier than 2.7, please make sure you use the full v3.0.5 package.
NOTE: We have found that doing the following steps during the upgrade helps ensure that everything looks correct and caching is cleared.
1.) Perform the upgrade, including running the install.
2.) Go to Template -> Template Options and let this load. This will load in new template changes.
3.) Go to Tools -> Delete Cache, and clear the cache.
4.) Do a hard refresh (or alternatively clear your browser cache) so you can see the changes.
Here are the full details:
– Added RSS feed icons for All Products, Best Sellers, Special Offers and Category pages
– Added Social Buttons to all pages, with option to show or hide
– #459 Fix Critical Error after Upgrade with Nav Links
– #457 Fix Blank Terms page in full package
– #461 Fix SimplePie / Strict Standards error
– #460 Fix Image Thumbs reverting to Shopping Bags
– #469 Fix display of bullet and number lists entered in main and secondary text fields
– #463 Fix selected state for Flexi Top Nav on search pages as custom urls
– #470 Fix Manufacturer drop down list empty on products Options and Info screen
– #466 Clear cache when upgrading to avoid css display issues
– #465 Fix sql error with Bundle sorting
– #462 Fix cache files / inode limits being reached
– #472 Fix empty sorting field on Best Sellers and Special Offers pages
– #473 Fix ability to unset items in includes.php and images.php from templates
– #477 Fix sitemap page missing border box in Flexi


These are separate from the buttons on product detail pages – and needed to be implemented this way for coding reasons. When on the product detail pages, you’ll see the buttons just like you do now. Then, when on other pages, categories, etc. – you’ll see the new buttons added. You will not get duplicate sets of social buttons.
There is a new Template Option that will allow you to Show or Hide these additional buttons. So if you just want to stay with only having these on product detail pages, simply set the option to Hide. It is shown by default.
A special note about Pinterest – we were able to get the PinIt button that will be shown on category pages to work like the Pinterest bookmarklet – i.e. it will scan for all the images on the page and let the user choose which one to pin. The downside is that these are smaller images because they are thumbnails, and we cannot show the number of pins – as that is how Pinterest’s javascript for the bookmarklet works. We did NOT change the way the button on the product detail pages currently works – as that does show the “social proof” pin count and pulls a nice big pretty image – which is ideally what you want on Pinterest.


v3.0.5 contains Part 1 of the fixes for RSS Feeds:
– RSS feeds are working for All Products, Best Sellers, Special Offers and all category pages.
– An RSS feed icon has been added to the templates on these pages
– There is a template option to Show or Hide these icons, in case you don’t want them visible.
– There is an image option to upload a different rss icon in case you want to change this.
Please Note – the RSS feeds are NOT working in v3.0.5. for these areas:
– Manufacturer pages
– All Bundles
– Individual Tags
– Search pages
In the above cases, we made sure the RSS icon would not display on those pages for now, so that you don’t have a link to a non-functioning feed being displayed on your site.
The RSS Page is also still blank. For v3.1, we are going to look at what we can do with that page – perhaps a list of all the available feeds, similar to the sitemap page or something. We will also be addressing the remaining RSS feeds functionality in v3.1


We applied a fix so that if you have created a custom url in the Top Nav to a search term – for instance – it will apply the “selected state” properly.
HOWEVER, PLEASE NOTE: You need to create your custom url WITHOUT the trailing slash. If you put – it will not work. But or even /search/someterm will apply the selected state properly.

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