“Passive Income!” – a Fresh Store review by Jason Lim


I was recently contacted by a long time FSB member Jason Lim. He was really happy to discover that a store he had long forgotten about had been generating income for him. Read on for his full story and a screenshot of his earnings

Once you setup a Fresh Store Builder store properly you can leave it to generate income and focus on other projects. I do recommend that you keep an eye on your store, add more content, monitor your Google SERPs etc. but as long as your store is high quality it will continue to generate a passive income.
Jason found that out and really didn’t expect it.. here is his story as told to me:

Hi Baird, I added you before when I purchase FSB. I added you on my old profile before, there’s some issue with my old profile so I’ve created this new profile. THANK YOU! I set up FSB since last year Q4 with 30+ products and 5 content pieces with spin-rewriter. Totally forgotten about it until I just remembered it now and here’s the awesome results! It’s literally my FIRST online income that’s completely AUTOMATED! it isn’t a big score, but it’s just plain awesome to achieve such figures WITHOUT any form of SEO or any traffic strategies at all! It’s literally PASSIVE! Thank you so much for this awesome software!

Here is a screenshot of Jason’s earnings from this store:
While his earnings are not as much as a lot of Fresh Store Builder members, Jason did very minimal work on his store and left it to see how it would perform.
My recommendation for Jason is to build on this success – find out what products sold best, add more content for them, add some similar products (with good content), see what search terms you are ranking for and work on increasing them.
Jason also posted a longer story on his Facebook page:

The image was for one of the project I worked on Amazon then. And ever since I completed my setup in Oct 2014, I literally hands-off from it.
Without effort,
No Paid Traffic,
No Blogging,
I literally created it and left it alone!
6 months later, this income is now on complete automation while I continue to work on my consultancy business and coaching my friends to help them achieve their desired success, both of which I am very passionate about!

Read the full story here.
Thank you to Jason for contacting me with your story. It is a great inspiration for other members and helping others achieve success is the most rewarding thing in my business.

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