Getting Targeted Traffic To Your Amazon Affiliate Store


Have an Amazon affiliate store, but not sure how to entice people to check it out? If you’re looking to attract targeted traffic to your store (or blog), then you have to be prepared to utilize the right tools and tactics that can make your site like a magnet.
As a member of the Fresh Store Builder community, you already know that you have a great tool in-hand. However, the following tips are more of a “reminder” of things you can do to help bring more targeted traffic to your site(s) and even better, entice visitors and potential buyers to stay longer.
Targeted Traffic

Use Long-Tail Keywords

Keyword research is a step you should have already taken when you were planning your store set-up. All those keywords are valuable. If you made a list, go back to it and look for ways to use some of those niche-specific, long-tail keywords in your content.

Example: For an affiliate store about “waterproof watches,” you may have a list of keywords on specific brands. However you may have also found keyword phrases like:

. . . best waterproof watches for swimmers
. . . best watch for swimming and running
. . . swimmers watch reviews
. . . waterproof gps watch for swimming
. . . waterproof digital watches for women

While the monthly search volumes may be low, the people typing in these phrases are targeted buyers. So the point is, don’t be afraid to use these searched-for phrases in your product reviews or blog posts.

Provide Great Content

Of course selling is most often top-of-mind. But don’t fall into the trap of being too “sales-y.” Make it a point to update your affiliate store blog with consistently informative, engaging content that your readers can benefit from.

Be Smart About Outbound Linking

Although your focus is on getting traffic to your own site, there can be a benefit in linking out to other sites that provide similar content.
Using the “waterproof watches” example above, you may publish a post related to swimming and then link out to another site that provides helpful information to swimmers.
If a lot of your viewers click links like these, it helps search engines better understand your niche and quite possibly give you more authority SEO-wise. Linking out to related content also serves to build visitor trust and repeat visits.

Engage On Social Media

Consider creating your own niche related social media pages and offer easy-to-read content for viewers who are interested in your topic. From there you can include links to your actual site, where you can offer additional tips, stories and product recommendations.

Using These Tips Can Help You Attract More Targeted Traffic To Your Site

By focusing on creating well-written, keyword-appropriate content, external linking to helpful related sites and cultivating social media communities, you’ll find yourself growing a following of potential buyers … and even get a boost in ranking from the search engines.

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