My Experience with Fresh Store Builder by Michael Davin


Michael has setup several stores with Fresh Store Builder and has spent some time writing about his experiences below. Read on to find out how he is building his sites, what other products he is using and his recommendations.

I have owned and used FSB products and services for better than three years now. I use the regular FSB script with the Contempo template on most all my sites. I am now integrating the WordPress Contempo template into my website store blogs as well.
The FSB script has allowed me to quickly get a 100 – 500 each product website up and running in as little as 2 or 3 days with prices, photos and descriptions. Using the newly added, awesome Spin ReWriter 3 API tool, I am able to greatly alter my product descriptions to unique satisfaction within a couple more days. I then spend maybe one or two more days slicking up the interface, template and adding additional content. So roughly within 7 days I am up live and rockin’ with a great looking product website!
The FSB team is constantly working on improving and enhancing the FSB script and has it now running blazingly fast at version 4.07. Also, the FSB team is constantly involved within the Forum answering questions and assisting users while still handling regular support tickets at a consistent and realistic time turnover rate. The FSB team listens to their customer’s wants and needs. They let us choose and select the enhancements WE want…not what THEY think we need!
I am totally satisfied with my FSB script tool, templates, support and extras purchases. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a superior Amazon affiliate product website tool at an extremely affordable price. The FSB script easily pays for itself after 3 or 4 websites are up and running with sales.
The FSB script is easily one of the finest, most reasonably priced and valuable tools in my Internet Marketing arsenal. It has remained that way since the very FIRST day it was purchased. It has withstood the test of time for me. I have repeatedly said that I wish I had gotten the same value out of all the other $1,000’s of software I had purchased in the same time span. Most of those companies are long gone, but not FSB.
The difference with the FSB products and services, versus the rest, is the dedication Carey and the FSB team exhibit to continually provide value to each and every customer equally, throughout the history of the product! My experiences here to date, rate these FSB products, services and company as 5 STAR!
Michael Davin
LegoLand PlayGround!

We are really happy to see members who are happy with Fresh Store Builder and achieving success. Thank you Michael for writing about your experience here and giving us all an insight into how you are building your stores.

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