New Forum Launched.. For Everyone!


We have just launched our brand new Fresh Marketing Forum.
This is an expansion on the successful and productive community we have built at Fresh Store Builder and is open for everyone to access, share and contribute.
Read on to find out the amazing new features we have included and how you can benefit.

Fresh Marketing Forum

We have completely revamped the private Fresh Store Builder forum with BRAND NEW forum software and a completely new experience. You can now find the forum at – If you are an FSB user don’t worry, all your posts and accounts have been transferred over.
If you aren’t an FSB user then you are now welcome to join in. Sign up for free today!
FSB users – you can login easily with your Fresh Store Builder username and password; simply click the “Login with FSB” button. This will link your forum account to your FSB account and will give you access to the private forums, top up your credits (see below!) and add your premium member benefits.
As well as the private area of the forum (for FSB users only) we now also have public forums to expand on what we will discuss and what we can achieve. We will be introducing new features to the forum including the ability to list your services and your own products, sell your websites/domains and more including…

Vote on New Fresh Store Builder Features

In the private forum area, we now have a new voting system that will allow us to see what are the most popular feature requests for Fresh Store Builder.
The number of credits you have depends on your license (unlimited license holders get more credits, as do premium members) and you will be able to earn more credits by increasing your number of posts, number of likes received etc.
For more information see the forum announcement about the credit system.

Rewards and Trophies

Regular contributors will be rewarded! High post counts, number of likes and best contribution awards will be given out on a monthly basis. Give to the community and we will give back to you!

Your Services, Products and Opportunities

We will soon be launching a services forum allowing you to list your offer to our community, for a small fee. Your advert will stay active permanently and can be promoted in different ways. Early adopters will get a bargain and maximum exposure – keep an eye out for announcements and get in their first!

The Future

We already have 1000s of users and we will be expanding the forum in many different ways. Most importantly this forum is for you, so get involved and make your suggestions!

More to explorer

We are hiring!

Would you like to join the Fresh Team? We’re looking for 3 x full-time and 1 x part-time team members in various positions.