New Version – Fresh Store Builder v1.8.1


Version v1.8.1 is now released, 3rd September 2010. Continue reading full details.

Version Changes

  • Change version to be held in the database
  • Improve the install script
  • Improve and test upgrade script
  • Improved the special offers on the homepage and special offers page (shows any products reduced instead of just those with more than 10% reduction)
  • Bug fixes in templating options
  • Changes to allow many sub categories in the “Classic” template
  • Fixed the double slash occuring on sites (e.g.
  • Fix All Pagenames error when too many products
  • Fixed forum link in the dashboard homepage
  • Fixed error showing when adding pages, and not selecting a sidebox
  • Added a default category group on install
  • Status of Cron Jobs now shows in the admin area (are they running?)
  • Added a parameter to randomise the cron jobs (default is the cron jobs will run 1 in 5 times)
  • Optimsation changes to the cron jobs
  • Added version into admin area (footer)
  • Added reminder to remove install folder
  • Fixed sidebox error when no pages added
  • Ability to Sort sideboxes
  • Addition of Modernshop Template
  • Added canonical URL for seo purposes
  • Added ModernShop template options
  • Added ModernShop template images
    • Options for slideshow etc.
    • Logo
    • Footer Logo
    • Header Banner
    • CSS Options
  • Added Template Options to classic
    • Logo
    • Banners
    • CSS Options
  • Added ability to install the script in a subdirectory (e.g.

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