New Version – Fresh Store Builder v2.2.0


Version v2.2.0 is now released, 5th May 2011.
We have included some exciting new features in this version including content spinning and best spinner integration. Also included is a completely new template “StalfoShop” which is available to use for all FSB users, no extra charge!
Read on for some details about our new features, and our full release notes.

Content Spinning – You can now edit content spinning templates inside the admin area, meaning you can quickly and easily create unique content for all your products automatically!
Best Spinner Integration – Using Best Spinner (50% off for all FSB users using this link) content templates, content spinning etc. are handled automatically – simply enter your Best Spinner details into your dashboard and everything else is done automatically.
New Template: StalfoShop – This version includes a brand new, clean, optimised template called StalfoShop. We think this will be a very popular option and is free to all our FSB users.

Version Changes

  • Made language translation optional for new/custom templates
  • Allowed editing and locking of the Amazon Description
  • Amazon description now editable via the admin area
  • Added the ability to hide the add to cart link on the product info page
  • Added Spinning Templates Section
    • Ability to create/edit spinning templates for products
    • Allows auto creation of spinning template using best spinner
    • Allows auto creating new content for each product
  • Added new spinning functionality
    • Ability to create content for each product
    • Ability to automatically spin each products Amazon content
    • Link to guides..
  • Products now have a “lock product content” option when editing, to prevent overriding from spinning
  • Fixed problem with the Fix All Pagenames section in dashboard
  • Errors on template when selecting a product size fixed
  • Added an autorun job to check for orphan cache files
  • Added parameter for the number of pages of product offers to receive
  • Now allows retrieving all product offers
  • Parameter can now be set to limit product offers to one merchant (e.g. Amazon only)
  • Optimised the Dashboard screen
  • New .htaccess file to fix various incompatibility issues
  • Fix for when searching for multiple words on some servers
  • Added screenshots for template chooser
  • Fixed bug with Amazon Product Content not recording properly
  • Show Amazon Description by default
  • Fixed issue with inserting a blank product in the database
  • Added a warning message in the admin area for sites that are not live
  • Updated holding page for sites that are not live
  • The price now shows straight away when force running an autopopulate from the admin area
  • Warning is now shown if the site is not live
  • A new parameter for “Global Auto Populate”. This can be used to turn off all auto populates temporarily or permanently.
  • All standard templates now show the site name as the logo, by default
  • Added the new Stalfoshop Template
  • Made changes to the initial setup to include default text on pages, tidy up pages etc.
  • Included standard content templates for spinning
  • Homepage meta information is now setup automatically
  • Updated search indexes for all locales

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