New Version – Fresh Store Builder v2.4.0


Version v2.4.0 is now released, 20th October 2011.
This release includes updates for the new Amazon API changes, SEO additions, new custom RSS feature and much more. Read on for some details about our new features, and our full release notes.

New Features

  • INTEGRATION: Italian Locale Officially Launched
  • FEATURE: Product RSS Feed Feature Added
  • SEARCH: Tweaked search functionality to allow shorter words
  • FEATURE: RSS Feeds For Product News Added
  • FEATURE: Improved messages area to show more detail on 404 errors and link to the offending page
  • SEO: Spun product descriptions now “stick” instead of changing on each update
  • FEATURE: Added the ability to sort the order of pages added via the template options into a menu
  • SEO: Optimised use of H1 tags (Classic template)
  • SEO: Optimised use of H1 tags (Classic Coloured template)
  • SEO: Optimised use of H1 tags (Stalfoshop template)
  • SEO: Added alt and title to main image on product page (Stalfoshop template)
  • DESIGN: Improved layout for search results page (Stalfoshop template)
  • FEATURE: Improved dashboard chart to show full month regardless of the day
  • SEO: Improved Best Spinner detection of already spun content
  • INTEGRATION: Added Buy From Amazon buttons for Canada, Italy and Spain
  • FEATURE: Social buttons on ClassicColoured template are now automatically populated
  • SEO: Removed product review pages from XML sitemap as they have no SERP value or unique content

Bugs Exterminated

  • Fixed Sitemap Index Issue (No URL included)
  • Fixed Classic Coloured Template Stock Issue
  • Fixed Blank Title Issue in Freshadmin
  • Fixed Category Autopopulate Bug For Browse Nodes/Search Terms With Limited Results
  • Fixed Left Column Secure Payments Image Bug (Stalfoshop)
  • Fixed Root Path Bug For Windows Servers
  • Fixed Deprecated Function Error (Stalfoshop)
  • Fixed Blank Spot Product Listing Bug (Classic Coloured)
  • Fixed Hide Cart Link Bug (Classic Coloured)
  • Fixed Products Per Page On Sitemap
  • Fixed Validation Error On RSS Feeds
  • Fixed Missing Pagination On Sitemap Page (Classic Coloured)
  • Fixed Bug That Caused Extraneous Best Spinner API Calls
  • Fixed French Locale URL Bug
  • Fixed Product Options Add To Cart Bug (Modernshop)
  • Fixed Subdirectory .htaccess Bug
  • Fixed Product Alignment Bug (Stalfoshop)
  • Changed redirect on first install, for when installing in subdomain
  • Fixed Freshadmin Product Listing Sorting Bug
  • Fixed Manufacturer Ordering In Product Filters
  • Fixed Sitemap Hidden Bug
  • Fixed Product Content Generation Bug
  • Fixed Freshadmin Template Options Product Bug
  • Fixed Add To Cart Hide (Stalfoshop)
  • Fixed some redundant JS calls in the admin area, causing 404 messages on the dashboard
  • Fixed 404 on secure payments image on Stalfoshop template
  • Fixed default CSS on Classic Coloured template (Big thanks to Peter Sundstrom
  • Fixed split() deprecated function in Stalfoshop template
  • Fixed product listing layout issue in Stalfoshop
  • Expanded the number of pages on the onsite sitemap

Download the new version in your Fresh Store Builder Account.

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