New Version – Fresh Store Builder v2.6.1


Version v2.6.1 is now released – 23rd April 2012.
We have listened to the demand and included a ton of new features. A completely revamped Autopopulation system means it is now even easier to get products in your store – with greater accuracy.
Read on for the full release notes and more exciting features.


We have added a completely revamped autopopulation module. Your existing autopopulate settings will remain, but we recommend that you reassess them after upgrading in order to take advantage of the new features.
As always, take a full backup of files and database before upgrading.

New Features

  • Revamped Autopopulation System
  • New Manufacturer Display Options
  • Optimised Meta Keyword Generation
  • Manual (Offsite) Links In “Page Links” Sideboxes
  • Show Username On Password Reset Email
  • Manual Edit Of Product Manufacturer
  • reCaptcha On Contact Pages (All Templates)
  • Check For Directory Existance On Install
  • Product Option Dropdowns (Stalfoshop)
  • License Notice On Valid Installations
  • Checkout Exporting
  • Offerless Product Management
  • Better Search Results (Still WIP)
  • Recently Added Products List
  • Fully Delete Messages
  • New Dashboard Checkout Chart
  • Better Date Formats In Freshadmin
  • Automatically Set MySQL Time Offset
  • Product Limits On Autopopulate Settings
  • Display Product Image If Manufacturer Image Not Added

Bugs Squashed

  • Fixed Issue With Phantom “FancyBox” Theme Being Selected
  • Fixed TinyMCE JavaScript Issue
  • Fixed $0.00 Price Display Issue
  • Fixed Product Expiration Bug
  • Fixed Site URL Modification Bug
  • Disabled The Minify Script By Default
  • Fixed Product Manufacturer Escape Bug
  • Fixed Manufacturer Product Count Bug
  • Fixed Deprecated Function (mysql_escape_string) Bug
  • Fixed Freshadmin Permissions Check Missing Items
  • Fixed Missing Reviews Bug
  • Fixed Search Escape Bug
  • Fixed Locate Specific Information on Terms of Use
  • Fixed Product Variation Bug
  • Fixed Search Box Bug (Classic)
  • Fixed Buy It Now Bug (Classic)
  • Fixed Category Tree Display (Classiccoloured)
  • Fixed Product Information Tab Size (Classiccoloured)
  • Fixed Homepage Content Width (Classiccoloured)
  • Fixed Price Display Bug (Classiccoloured)
  • Fixed Manufacturer Display Bug (Classiccoloured)
  • Removed jQuery Tools CDN (Stalfoshop)
  • Fixed Two Prices on Review Page (Stalfoshop)
  • Fixed Slider Product Price Bug (Stalfoshop)

Download the new version in your Fresh Store Builder Account.

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