New Version – Fresh Store Builder v2.6.3


Version 2.6.3 is now released – 22nd May 2012.
This is mainly a bug fix release for version 2.6 but we have also included a few new features.
Read on for the full release notes and instructions for downloading.


Don’t forget about the “Quick Update” package for premium members, which is available as a separate download. This package includes only the files that have been changed so uploading the upgrade is much quicker and your stores will be updated in no time.
If you haven’t already, Upgrade to Premium Here
As always, take a full backup of files and database before upgrading.

New Features

  • Buy Now Links For Products With Options
  • Retrieve Product Reviews Sooner
  • Better German Translations (Classic)

Bugs Squashed

  • Fix WYSIWYG Editor Bug When Adding Page
  • Fix Installation Permissions Bug
  • Fix Modernshop Category Menu
  • Fix Invalid Salesrank Bug
  • Fix Duplicate Pagename Bug
  • Fix Orphan Autopopulate Bug
  • Fix Category Canonical URL Bug
  • Fix Related Products Price Bug
  • Fix Sitemap Path Bug
  • Fix Changed Pagename Bug
  • Fix Foreign Characters in Product Options Bug
  • Fix Add To Cart Button Bug (Stalfoshop)
  • Fix Contact Form Captcha Bug (Stalfoshop)
  • Fix Product Thumbnail Display (Stalfoshop)

Download the new version in your Fresh Store Builder Account. Premium Members have an extra option for the “Quick Update” package.
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