New Version – Fresh Store Builder v3.0.3


Version v3.0.3 is now released to all members – 20th October 2012.
This is a big milestone for Fresh Store Builder and we have invested heavily in creating this new version which is packed with features, including a brand new template system and new templates.
This couldn’t have happened without the support of our brilliant community and members. Read on for the full release notes and more exciting features.

Download the new version in your Fresh Store Builder Account.


Templates from version 2.x will not work with v3. Any design changes you have made to your store will need to be migrated to a v3 template.

Release Notes

v3.0.0 Notes

– Completely rewritten system
– Completely unique templates
– Smarty Template Syntax
– Override System
– Skin System
– Visual Editor
– More option types
– Language Translation
– New Template System
– New Template: Flexi Store
– New Flexi Store Skin: Blue
– New Flexi Store Skin: Red
– New Template: Smooth Store
– New Smooth Store Skin: Gold
– New Smooth Store Skin: Red
– Product Bundles
– Product Tags
– Visual Template Editor
– Manufacturer Options
– SEO Improvements (Microformat, Rich Snippets Markup, And More)
– Fix Product Refresh Threshold Bug
– Fix Freshadmin Icon Bug
– Fix Freshadmin Font Bug
– Fix Parent/Child Product Bug
– Fix Framebreaker Code
– Fix Various Quicksetup Bugs

v3.0.1 Notes

– Added more detailed database debug
– Added app running time debug
– Fix Missing 404 Not Found Page Bug
– Fix Image Upload Transparency Bug
– Fix Footer Double Links bug
– Remove Flexi Top Nav Links not used in template
– Fix Google Analytics Display bug
– Fix Quick Setup Template Configuration Bug
– Fix Edit In Place Subdomain Bug
– Fix Welcome Message text bug
– Fix Sort Order on Product Listings SQL Error Bug
– Fix Missing No Manufacturers Template
– Fix empty anchor link when using image logo
– Fix Redirect To Other Configuration When Resetting Template Options
– Fix “Welcome Text” not changing
– Fix Product Images not showing for some Variation Products
– Fix refreshing template options in Quick Store Setup

v3.0.2 Notes

– Report for API throttling
– API query delaying to prevent throttling
– Option to Show or Hide Product Count on categories
– Smarty Caching added
– German, Spanish and French template language translations
– #348 Fix “pagelinks” sidebox not displaying links
– #343 throttling issues
– Install script looking to wrong folder on initial data
– Refresh template options on install
– #352 Fix sub-category display in templates
– #353 Fix Google Analytics Async loading
– #354 Optimize stylesheet and script loading
– #357 Fix missing secondary text on homepage in Flexi template
– #356 Fix custom fonts display in IE8
– #320 Shopping Cart change quantity/delete issue
– #338 Checkout reports not recording. Changed “explain” and “sent” to not record if logged in as admin.
– Bug fix with updating child images
– #345 Fix display of favicon
– #344 Fix 404 errors on admin icons
– #331 Fix filter options checkboxes display in templates
– #368 Fix category images stretched on category pages
– #379 Fix header space and price font size on Flexi template
– #346 Fix incorrect pagekeys and duplicate page bug (If you have duplicate pages, you are not able to delete them)

v3.0.3 Notes

– Top Nav Bar added to Flexi Template with option to Show or Hide
– #350 Fix category group not showing in View Categories list
– #360 Fix multiple slashes on urls
– #370 Fix Search parameters loading
– #397 Fix Shopping Cart not showing item counts on pages other than basket
– #406 Fix incorrect tag link in Freshadmin tag list
– #403 Fix filter products redirect to product list
– #404 Fix filter message display on best sellers and special offers
– #402 Reduce load on add multiple products in freshadmin
– #399 Fix background product updating bugs

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