New Version – Fresh Store Builder v3.0.6


Version 3.0.6 is now released with some New Features and Bug Fixes for problems reported from v3.0.5.
Please use this forum for any further bug reports for v3.0.6:
The download is available in your account area, and if you are a premium member includes a quick upgrade from v2.7.0, v3.0.0, v3.0.1, v3.0.2, v3.0.3, v3.0.4 and v3.0.5 – please make sure you use the correct quick upgrade package. If upgrading from a version earlier than 2.7, please make sure you use the full v3.0.6 package.
NOTE: We have found that doing the following steps during the upgrade helps ensure that everything looks correct and caching is cleared.
1.) Perform the upgrade, including running the install.
2.) Go to Template -> Template Options and let this load. This will load in new template changes.
3.) Go to Tools -> Delete Cache, and clear the cache.
4.) Do a hard refresh (or alternatively clear your browser cache) so you can see the changes.
Here are the full details:
Added Rich Text Editor to Key Features field for products
Added Checkout page main text and secondary text to Checkout to Amazon page display
Changed In Stock and Out of Stock text to Available and Not Available to match Amazon text
– Fix Error Call To Undefined Function Emptry()
– #484 Fix missing product options on review pages in Flexi template
– #485 Fix missing Google Analytics on Checkout page
– #426 Fix missing style on Product Attributes page in admin
– #428 Fix merged manufacturers still showing on sidebar
– #482 Fix apostrophe in store name causing SQL errors on pages with RSS feed
– #486 Fix sorting bug on Best Sellers and Special Offers pages
– #471 Fix Edit in place to retain text formatting and html when saving
– #492 Fix home icon selected background in Flexi Template
– #517 Fix Show / Hide RSS icon on category pages template option
– #515 Fix resetting Template Skin option to reload default
– #511 Fix Buy At Amazon button fails with characters in url (like 100%)
– #494 Fix missing urls on Product Export
– #491 Fix Product Titles / Descriptions issue with Periods, Slashes & Capitalization
– #483 Clean up deleted categories from template options
– #342 Fix when changing an images link, alt or title text the image is removed
– #481 Remove hardcoded store name from Smooth template Welcome Message for more flexibility
– #493 Fix apostrophe in category names causing SQL errors
– #521 Fix positioning of cart buttons in Flexi store
– #526 Fix front end product count discrepencies
– #536 Fix width of temporarily out of stock message in Smooth and Evolution templates
– #533 Fix template image type CSS functionality
– #537 Remove reference to categories on the left in search messages, since some templates are on the right
– #538 Fix fatal error on updating products in the background

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