New Version – Fresh Store Builder v3.0.7


Version 3.0.7 is now released with some New Features and Bug Fixes for problems reported from v3.0.6.
Please use this forum for any further bug reports for v3.0.7:
The download is available in your account area, and if you are a premium member includes a quick upgrade from v2.7.0, v3.0.0, v3.0.1, v3.0.2, v3.0.3, v3.0.4 and v3.0.5 – please make sure you use the correct quick upgrade package. If upgrading from a version earlier than 2.7, please make sure you use the full v3.0.6 package.
To fix incorrect secondary description on products, you will need to “unlock” that product. If you have not edited any of your products then you can use the “unlock all products” from the tools menu in your admin area
The “Home” link is no longer hardcoded on menus. To add it back go to the Template Options and add a custom url called “Home”.
The Amazon TOS text will only be added to new stores. If you want to add it to an existing store, please edit your “About Us” or your preferred page. The text to add is:
“Amazon Content Notice:Certain content that appears on this site comes from Amazon Services LLC. this content is provided “as is” and is subject to change or removal at any time.”
Please note that we don’t take responsibility for your compliance with Amazons TOS. Be aware of the agreement you have made with Amazon, the updates they make to the agreement and make sure your store is compliant.
NOTE: We have found that doing the following steps during the upgrade helps ensure that everything looks correct and caching is cleared.
1.) Perform the upgrade, including running the install.
2.) Go to Template -> Template Options and let this load. This will load in new template changes.
3.) Go to Tools -> Delete Cache, and clear the cache.
4.) Do a hard refresh (or alternatively clear your browser cache) so you can see the changes.
Here are the full details:
Added title sorting options on product lists
Enhanced Related Products auto selection by including products from the same category as the current product
Added different message for products with options when Add to Cart is selected from categories and homepage
Added template option in Impact & Serenity to disable background image
Added logic to hide sections on product detail pages that are empty (e.g. attributes, key features, etc.)
Add css option in Smooth for Heading Text if users change background to very light color.
Changed all templates to remove hard-coded Home in menu, must set your Home in the Template Options now.
Added clickable search button in the sidebar
Added text to About Us page for Amazon TOS compliance (new stores only)
Added advanced image options for templates (access specific image information such as link and nofollow status)
#555 – Fix shipping text on basket page to display different text for supersaver, etc.
#571 – Fix error message during upgrade (first seen v3.0.6)
#586 – Fix Slider Border in Impact css color option
#554 – Fix Smooth & Evo templates to include breadcrumb in Link and Link Hover css options
#557 – Fix missing View All button on All Tags page
#556 – Fix scrollbars sometimes triggering on sidebar in all templates
#582 – Fix missing link in footer to FSB in all templates
#593 – Fix bug on Serenity template with duplicate category image on sub-category pages
#598 – Fix incorrect secondary description on all products
#598 – Fix attribute replacement on secondary description
#597 – Fix pagination options using incorrect URL
#596 – Fix speed issues and updating on product info page
#598 – Fix duplicate debug output
#588 – Fix isolated incident with add to cart
#587 – Fix security issue with phpThumb
#581 – Add several indexes for SQL query speed
#523 – Fix Firefox font-face cross domain goofiness
#483 – If category is deleted, remove from template options

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