New Version – Fresh Store Builder v3.0.8


As Barbara announced a day or two ago, I decided to block out 3 days and work hard on a vastly improved version of FSB. Most of these changes relate to speed and have resulted in a lightning fast version of Fresh Store Builder for everyone.

I have increased caching (internal code and template caching), reduced SQL queries (by up to 95% in areas), added better handling of throttling, improved product updating and tracked + fixed speed related bugs in many areas.
Most of this was scheduled for version 3.1 but I wanted to get this out so we can help users in certain use cases (i.e. big stores, large number of manufacturers enabled etc.) and then focus on the new features for 3.1.
To aid the non-premium users who have upgraded to 3.0.7 already in the past 3 days, I have attached the quick upgrade package from 3.0.7. This contains only the files that have changed so it is quicker to upgrade.
For access to all easy upgrade packages, early access to new version, quicker support responses, discounts on extras, private forum section, signatures etc. etc. become a premium member here:
I hope you enjoy the new version and super quick stores.
Please note the important notes on version 3.0.7 if you haven’t already:
Here are the release notes:
Improvements to handling of Throttling
Added script wide caching of filter options
Optimized “All Manufacturers” page for stores with lots of manufacturers
Additions to the “clean db” autorun to regenerate indexes, fix tables etc.
Added logpoints for category debugging
Added logpoints for categoryproducts debugging
Added script wide caching for template text
Added script wide caching for template options
Added script wide caching for category tree
#606 – Fix product description updating every load
#606 – Fix product attributes updating every load
#606 – Cut down on SQL queries for category page
#606 – Fix bug with updating a non existant parent

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