The No-Excuse Way To Create Blog Content That Draws Free Traffic


One simple way to get a boatload of free traffic to your Amazon store blog is by providing high quality content.  Not a great writer? No worries . . . there are still ways you can produce great blog content without having to write it all from scratch yourself.

creating blog contentCurate Content

The first way, is to use a method known as “Content Curation.” Basically, this is where you find quality articles on a certain topic and then quote from them within your own blog post or article. So all you have to write is a short introductory paragraph, intersperse your own thoughts and comments and then write a brief conclusion. Before you know it, you have a complete article to post.
Remember, you should never fully copy someone else’s content without their permission … and even with permission, always credit the source.
Ways To Find Content For Curation. The best way to find this type of content is by:

. . . bookmarking related blogs you’ve researched and storing them in a folder, or

. . . subscribing to popular blogs using an RSS readers such as Feedly. Then you simply check your reader each time you need to find new content.

Purchase Content

PLR (or private label rights) material is content which is written for the specific purpose of being resold to lots of other people to use on their websites and blog.
If you choose to purchase PLR related to your niche, you will still need to re-write it to a certain extent, to make it your own. Remember, the search engines love quality “unique” content. View your PLR package as a great starting point or as research material. Then go through it and rewrite it gently so that it sounds as though you wrote it.
Another way you can avoid writing blog content yourself is by paying someone else to write for you. There are a great many resources online that offer modestly-priced writing services, from Fiverr to other sites like iWriter and Textbroker, just to name a few. You simply provide pertinent information including topic, keywords and length of article. Once approved, you’ll have an article that is uniquely for you.

Worrying About Fresh Content For Your Affiliate Store Blog Is Now A Thing of the Past!

From writing ‘helps’ like content curation or purchasing PLR material (to be copy-edited by you) … to paying someone else to write it all, you now have three good ways to generate new content regularly. In turn, this keeps your blog full of fresh content which has two purposes:

1) to be seen in the search engines and attain a higher ranking and,

2) to get a flood of new visitors on a regular basis.

So you can relax a little. With the tips we’ve just shared, publishing great blog content even if you don’t like to write, is now a no-brainer!

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