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We love nothing more than making our customers happy, and the feedback we get inspires us to do even better! Here is a collection of recent Fresh Store Builder Reviews from members old and new:

“Carey and his team are a breath of fresh air in an industry riddled with dodgey fly by nighters. They really do care about their clients and do all they can to help them get up and running with regular interraction via fbook etc..
I’m in the process of setting up my first store which does require effort and time and tbh is a steep learning curve. But hey, my base line is right down there in the valley bottom:-)
I’m also learning that in setting up an FSB store I’m not just learning how to become an Amazon affiliate; the process is also a great grounding in the techniques of internet marketing area per se.”
– Graham Smith

Fresh Store Builder Reviews
Fresh Store Builder now has over 20,000 happy members.

“Since starting with fresh store builder one month ago I have found it very easy to use and the only product I have tried from several that actually works for building affiliate stores.
From day one I started to get hits to my amazon affiliates account which was great and I have now started making sales. This product rocks and I don’t recommend any other for store building. I have now built more than 30 sites which I know will be successful.
Check out http://www.muscleenergy.co.uk this is my flag ship store and I have my own amazon products listed so I get paid twice 🙂 how cool is that, once for the sale then again as an affiliate.
Thank You Fresh Store Builder
Kind Regards
– Simon Hampton
“FSB is a powerhouse. If you have any experience with coding it is clear that countless hours and investment have gone into building this. I’ve joined at V7 and WOW. It’s almost intimidating, yet take some time and the dashboard is intuitive and easy to navigate. no coding required, but if you want to, the functionality is there. SEO, custom pages, content spinning, auto populate, loads of theme options and customization. Hands down, one of the most powerful Amazon Store builders on the market!”
– JeromyS
“I knew from the very first moment I saw Fresh Store Builder (FSB) that it was the missing piece of the puzzle I needed to get my affiliate business off the ground. Even though I’ve only been using it for 2 months, I’ve already has a sale, and that is with only a few items in my website store.
Now this isn’t a magic system that you set and forget, you have to approach this like any business and put in time and effort. It is an ongoing project so you need to do something you are interested in selling and talking about online.
Trust me. I’ve been doing online marketing for many years and there really is no magic system, but FSB is an excellent tool to make your efforts a lot more organised and easier to publish on a website, you just need to keep at it and put in some effort.
If you want an easy option, forget FSB and buy a Lottery ticket.”
– Ian Richardson
“FSB is absolutly wonderful.It is very easy to build stores and wordpress intergration is the icing on the cake allows so much flexability in the look and professional feel of the stores. I have built several stores in the last couple weeks just waiting now for traffic.
Also you can use their webhosting to make the install so easy. Highly recommend FSB to anyone no matter what your skill level is.”
– Shane Dolby
“I chose Fresh Store Builder as the platform for my first Amazon affiliate website. That store has just been launched on-line and within 24 hours Google has started indexing my site. Because I was so new to affiliate marketing and Amazon, I had the site built by DFY Services who can be found in the Custom Services area of the Fresh Store Builder website.
I learned a lot by watching the store and WP Blog sites get built using the Fresh Store Builder plugins, themes and templates.
I am very proud of my new business and am looking forward to doing another very soon.”
– Trevor Lundstrom
“I bought Fresh Store Builder in 2012, and didn’t start to use it until 2015. Big mistake. I’ve spent so much work on other sites, and should have started using this! It is a fantastic system the way it can pull in the products, and show reviews, or also show your own reviews. I’m not done with my store yet, but look forward to getting it up and going, and many more.
I also want to say that Carey has had some remarkable training with the videos he does, and his guests like James Upjohn! I highly appreciate the time they take to give the free training.”
– Cherie Austin

More Fresh Store Builder Reviews

“Fresh Store Builder has been a great asset to me creating extra income. I like the variety of products you can choose from in promoting my website. If you need to create another path to prosperity, this is it. When I finish supplying the store I have now, I do intend creating another!”
– Greg McGirt

Fresh Store Builder is the easy and low cost alternative to full blown eCommerce stores.
Fresh Store Builder is the easy and low cost alternative to full blown eCommerce stores.

“I found FSB to be very good value within quite a crowded field. The store itself is very easy to install if you are either website savvy or watch the instructional videos first.
It’s clean lines and design are a real joy and the average website enthusiast can have a store up and running within a few hours, simple. I made a few mistakes with my first couple of stores in my hurry to get them up and running, mainly too many products, however it was still useful training for me.
I intend to have perhaps 20 stores running by the end of the year, some on there own domains and some as add-on domains.
A few sales in each store can amount to a useful amount of income. If you choose to use add-on domains to keep the cost down try and pick something like my two domains for stores, xxxx.ukstores.xxx and xxx.worldwebstores.xx having “stores” or “blog” or “review” etc might help you get some business and at least your URL will be distinct. Take your time and create unique product titles, descriptions ans articles for great google juice.
You can easily change a few words around in the Amazon product titles (and often you need to so they make better sense) and also the product descriptions or use product reviews right off Amazon and just change the wording around. For articles there are lots of free or cheap PLR articles out there, just change a few words here and there, add a couple of your own sentences and you are done.
A must is to join the Forum and take an active part in the discussions you will get great benefit from that.”
– Paul Chaston

Our experienced support team will help you with any issue quickly and efficiently.
Our experienced support team will help you with any issue quickly and efficiently.

“Fresh Store Builder is no doubt right up there with other softwares that I have seen and purchased online. I like the structure and the methods used by the vendor in making sure that your website will not go live until all steps are done!
That method in itself is a testament to making sure that we (students) don’t just used the software to load products and ended up with duplicate websites that the search engines will just penalised you for it. But instead ensuring that unique contents must be added. I really like that strategy.
A newbie like me can just follow along until the steps are complete and the checklist which they kindly offered for free!
And I know if I take things one step at the time. I will be able to utilised this tool to create many more stores and quit my day job for good!
Thank you for the creation and sharing this amazing software, which I highly recommend to anyone who is interested in building eCommerce website for passive income online. Thank you so much Carey and your Team!”
– John Fauula

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