Testimonial for Fresh Store Builder by Phil Walmsley


Phil has been a member of Fresh Store Builder for a short time and shares his thoughts on the software, training and experience. Read on to find out the areas that Phil has found especially useful, his honest thoughts on “Get Rich Quick” claims and to see the stores he has created.

I have found Fresh Store Builder to be a great script to assist me in selling products from Amazon online. I have used other scripts that do not measure up to Fresh Store Builder. With Fresh Store Builder I have access to great looking templates, the ability to customize to my heart’s content including CSS. I have the ability to load an unlimited amount of products on my site or to load just a few. Much care and thought has gone into the creation of Fresh Store Builder. The developers listen to the users and implement new features, this leads to further upgrades and improvements that are quickly passed along to their users.
If you can follow the tutorials then you should be well on your way to creating a great site. Fresh Store Builder is not a get rich quick product. It takes a bit of time and effort to build a successful store. During that time when you are learning, Fresh Website Builder has a polite community of people willing share their successes or to help you out. If any improvements are needed with FSB it would be a written tutorial and an update of some of the video tutorials that explains some of the options in FSB. Overall, Fresh Store Builder is a great product, with a nice community of people, quick support and endless possibilities for additional income.
Phil Walmsley – Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Website: Toys Canada
Thank you Phil for your honest thoughts and review of Fresh Store Builder. We look forward to continuing to help you achieve success with Amazon!

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