Is Amazon Affiliate Marketing For You?


With literally millions of products, Amazon is THE highest grossing eCommerce business on the planet. A great many Amazon affiliate marketers promote through its popular program, and you may be wondering if you should too . . .

Becoming An Amazon Affiliate

amazon affiliate marketing

In order to promote Amazon products, you must sign up as an “associate.”

You may already know that U.S.-based Amazon operates globally. And as of this writing, Amazon has thriving marketplaces in 10 other countries including: Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, and of course, the United Kingdom.

Depending upon where you are going to be marketing as an affiliate, you may consider signing up to multiple programs and not just the U.S. affiliate program.

For example … if you live in the United States there are certain states that prohibit you from becoming an Amazon affiliate, so you would want to check into this first. If you discover that the Amazon Associates program is not available in YOUR state, then decide if you can possibly do business as an affiliate in another locale.

How Would You Promote Amazon Products?

While there are several ways to promote products, one of the best ways to generate commission-able sales on Amazon is by writing product reviews.

Smart marketers tend to focus on a targeted niche and set-up their own mini-storefront or website centered around a specific subject and publish helpful tips mixed in with related product reviews.

For example … you may have an interest in hiking. You can set up a site and begin to share valuable content on a specific element of hiking like “trekking poles.”

You may laugh, but do you know how many trekking poles are currently listed on Amazon? Literally hundreds! Your trekking poles site has the potential of becoming an authority that visitors can come to love and trust. 😉

And guess what? You don’t have to own the product to recommend it. You can get some inspiration for your review from information and customer comments on the actual product page.

You would embed a link within your content that sends the reader directly to the Amazon product page. If a purchase is made, you get a referral commission (anywhere from 4% to 10%).

How Amazon Helps Boosts Sales …

Amazon does a fantastic job at cross-selling products to visitors. When a customer arrives on the Amazon site via your referral link, they will be shown additional products that the customer may be interested in. This increases the likelihood of them actually making a purchase. And this serves to help increase the “amount” of money people are apt to spend.

More sales . . . bigger commission payments. A WIN-WIN for both you and Amazon.

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