Case Study: Earning over $5,000 with a Fresh Store


This case study was written in January 2018 by our team member Nihad, who runs several popular and profitable Fresh Stores.

I don’t normally share my websites or stats with the public but this one website I decided to show so people can see some options they have with their stores.  The images below are only for one Fresh Store.

This store is very small and the prices of the products are low, so the commissions are low but it still made close to $5k in 2017 and it’s on auto-pilot now with very little updating.

Anyone can do this with their Fresh Store.

You just need to make sure you are putting 100% focus into your niche and building your store correctly and not start planning your retirement before the website is even live =). Focus on building a quality website in niches you are interested in, it will be easier to keep it updated and trying new thing to see what works best for your niche.

The Fresh Store support team is always here to help guide you in the right direction, feel free to send us your website on live chat and with details on what you have done so far and we will see how to get you going.

Nihad’s Fresh Store Case Study

This website was launched in July of 2016 running Fresh Store and WordPress side by side. 

I decided to install WordPress as my main domain platform and added my FSI store in a sub-folder. Then I send traffic from the blog to the FSI store using banners and links.

I haven’t purchased any SEO packages for this website, all the traffic is organic from search engines, social media and giveaways I run to promote websites. 

At the start of 2017, I decided to add some basic ebay affiliate links on this FSI store/blog combo and you can see below it has done pretty good from just adding basic html links provided by eBay into my store and blog.

I had adsense added but it was low clicks, but I might add it again, money is money =).

Here are some pictures from my Amazon and eBay stats for only one Fresh Store website with a WordPress blog attached.

You will see a few different screenshots from different dates I took to log the progress of this single FSI store. 

I also added a PAYPAL DONATIONS button on my website and people have actually donated money to my website, not much it all adds up. Those screenshots are not included in here.


Here is something else you can do with your niches. I made a extra $1423 in 2017. I just searched the internet for sellers who sold products that related to my mini niche. So I was promoting a product that costs about $1300 to purchase and the seller was giving me 2% of each sale. 

The image below shows the paypal invoices they paid me for the sales.  This was free money and no extra work needed. All I did was make a post on my store about offer and gave them a tracking id to use and that is how I get paid.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to show you what you can do with Fresh Store!

There is a lot of potential to expand but as you can see from my stats, it wasn’t done overnight and I’m always trying new things to see what works best for my niche.

I have had websites start making money the first month and I had some websites that took a couple of months to start making money. A lot of it depends on the niche you are targeting, how hard the competition is for the keywords and the articles you add to your website.

Good Luck with your new stores and if you have any questions or get stuck, the Fresh Store team is here to help you. Don’t quit without checking with us to see if we can guide you in the right direction!

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