Fresh Store – New Version 10.3.0


This new version of Fresh Store is now available to all Fresh Store Instant members and Premium Club members.

Watch this video for the full walkthrough and tips for this new version:

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Fresh Store v10.3 Features

These are my highlights for this version:

  1. Big Speed Improvements
    If you don’t want the technical details, skip the next paragraph, and trust me that Fresh Store is now running even faster!

    We made big changes on the server-side, by combining SQL queries and optimising our caching. For the client-side we minified Javascript and CSS code, combined files together to a single request and reduced the unnecessary CSS/JS included in certain pages.
  2. Better eBay Product Layout
    We made several improvements to the design and layout. Check the video for details!
  3. Browsenodes are Back!
    You can now add products by Browsenode, and also setup category autopopulates using browsenodes.

    What are they? Basically, they are Amazon categories allowing you to add higher quality products – check the video for more details!
  4. eBay Click Reporting
    You can now see the performance of your eBay products in the dashboard report. See how many clicks you are getting overtime and compared to Amazon products.
  5. Other Fixes & Additions
    Thre is too much to detail here… see the release notes below or the video above.


As usual, if you are self-hosted please please backup your store and database We don’t want you to lose all your hard work!

Fresh Store Instant members stores are automatically backed up. All you need to do is click “Upgrade” (or the “Upgrade All” button if you have a lot of stores and want to save time)

After upgrading you should check your API keys and links to make sure everything is working fine and the right Amazon Tag is being used for your links. Simply click on a product buy button and check the URL.

How do I get the new version?

For Fresh Store Instant members, simply login to your account and click “Upgrade” or “Upgrade All” next to your stores.

For self-hosted members, you can download the zip file inside your account.


#1953 - Fixed issue related to bundle layout size.

#1958 - Improved speed by taking appropriate measures.

#1961 - Removed ENGINE=MyISAM from all SQL statements.

#1971 - Fixed display issue with category list items on scrolling.

#1972 - Fixed to not to update the price 'last updated' when keys are throttled.

#1974 - Fixed and improved the formatProductPrice() to correctly show prices for different product types.

#1975 - Fixed to update the filename on template refresh as per the includes.php file.

#1976 - Improved the layout of eBay product details page.

#1978 - Fixed SQL error while deleting an Amazon product.

#1979 - Fixed to make title and price mendatory in add custom product.

#1982 - Improved to display only product price if discounted price is not available.

#1983 - Fixed to add images on the homepage widgets in Conversion pro template.

#1984 - Fixed issue in deleting image while editing custom product. 

#1985 - Optimized refreshText() to combine SQLs.

#1986 - Fixed issue with product going out of stock and not coming back.

#1987 - Improved Amazon API message in case of keys throttling and toomany requests.

#1988 - Feature added to get browseNodes back to FSB on Find product and Autopopulate Setting Section.

#1989 - Feature added to redirect broken 'Buy Now' links to go to Amazon hompage with User Tag.

#1990 - Feature added to Autoredirect pagename URLs on eBay products.

#1993 - Fixed issue related to broken image after adding eBay products.

#2001 - Fixed for warning message while searching eBay products.

#2002 - Feature added to record eBay clicks to the Database and display to dashboard report.

⭐️ Anything Else? ⭐️

Please make sure you read through this post, especially the “Important Info”, and apart from that… enjoy this new version!

The credit and thanks for this version go to my team who are tirelessly working to improve our products and support all of my Fresh Tribe members (that means you!).

If you are not a Fresh Store Instant member, use the link below:

Fresh Store Instant: Click to join here and double your stores

Thank you for being part of our Fresh Tribe and I hope you enjoy the new version!

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