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This new version of Fresh Store is now available to all Fresh Store Instant members and Premium Club members.

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Fresh Store v10.3.2 Additions

This version fixed a few issues and made some improvements. There are no new features in this version, but the fixes are very important..

  1. A speed bug from 2013…
    We discovered a bug that has caused speed and API usage issues for a long time. You will now see a much faster product page loading and more efficient usage of the Amazon API.
  2. Fixed an issue with the eBay reporting
    Your eBay report on the dashboard is now showing with an accurate legend colour.
  3. High Priced Products
    Some products had an incorrect high price. This has been fixed across the board.
  4. eBay Related Products Price Fix
    eBay sprung a change to the API which caused prices to show incorrectly as “Array.00”. Now fixed up.
  5. Other Fixes & Additions
    We added a template option for credit card icons, fixed issues in the All Manufacturers page and more. Check out the full release notes below.


As usual, if you are self-hosted please please backup your store and database We don’t want you to lose all your hard work!

Fresh Store Instant members stores are automatically backed up. All you need to do is click “Upgrade” (or the “Upgrade All” button if you have a lot of stores and want to save time)

After upgrading you should check your API keys and links to make sure everything is working fine and the right Amazon Tag is being used for your links. Simply click on a product buy button and check the URL.

How do I get the new version?

For Fresh Store Instant members, simply login to your account and click “Upgrade” or “Upgrade All” next to your stores.

For self-hosted members, you can download the zip file inside your account.


 2003 - Improved by correcting the instruction text and guide link for templates.
 2004 - Fixed templates UI to balance the page layout while having multiple products.
 2005 - Fixed to carry forward the selected category to next page while adding ebay pproducts.
 2006 - Improved to change tooltip text and add 'All' as search index while search by browseNode.
 2007 - Fixed to add the legend colour for eBay on dashboard report.
 2008 - Feature added to make the credit card icon as a template option.
 2010 - Fixed to provide correct redirection when view product list by category through control panel.
 2013 - Fixed to not to return a blank product box if searching for products does not return any result.
 2017 - Fixed issue related to price showing too high for some products.
 2015 - Fixed to change the buy link when a product is discontinued.
 2016 - Fixed 404(page not found) issue while sorting All Manufacturers.
 2018 - Fixed to display admin stripe only if admin is logged in.
 2019 - Fixed and improved the updating of tracking code on adding and disconnecting Google Analytics.
 2020 - Improved by adding Google Analytics as menu item and to be able to search through top search bar.
 2021 - Fixed to add Google Analytics through control panel.
 2022 - Fixed to strip unwanted characters during search in order to prevent from possible script injections.
 2023 - Improved by modifying the parameter name for Google Analytics.
 2024 - Fixed to hide the refresh_setting parameter from control panel.
 2025 - Fixed bug with products updating too often via product info page.
 2026 - Fixed issue related to product updating where products not coming back in stock.
 2031 - Fixed issue while adding and editing Product tags.
 2039 - Fixed issue related to ebay product pricing (Array.00).

⭐️ Anything Else? ⭐️

Please make sure you read through this post, especially the “Important Info”, and apart from that… enjoy this new version!

The credit and thanks for this version go to my team who are tirelessly working to improve our products and support all of my Fresh Tribe members (that means you!).

If you are not a Fresh Store Instant member, use the link below:

Fresh Store Instant: Click to join here and double your stores

Thank you for being part of our Fresh Tribe and I hope you enjoy the new version!

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