4 Ways To Make Your Amazon Affiliate Sites Stand Out!


As an Amazon affiliate, you should already know that providing good content is a great way to provide value and gain trust while pre-selling your product offerings. The fact is: more and more online marketers are also tapping into that concept which in many cases, increases competition. No worries . . . you can quickly learn what to do to make your review site or blog stand out from the crowd . . .

Stand Out and Stand Up To the Competition

Make Amazon Affiliate Site Stand Out - FSB

In the past, it was acceptable to publish all-text articles and posts. Web surfers were content to find the information they needed, in whatever form it was presented. However, today, you need to do a lot more if you want attract and keep readers engaged. Here are a few ways you can spruce up your web pages and make them shine!

Add Graphics

infographic SampleWe all know there’s nothing more annoying than having to read long paragraphs of text, whether you’re viewing on a small mobile screen, a tablet or a large desktop monitor.

Adding images and/or photographs will serve to break up the content on your website and make it easier and more enjoyable for the viewer to read.

And don’t forget infographics . . . they make a great visual presentation, especially when you need to include lots of facts and tips in an interesting way.

Incorporate Videos

Videos have many uses on websites, such as using them to present an Amazon product review, a how-to or tutorial, or even a mini advertisement.

And for more exposure (and link juice), videos provide added benefit because they can be uploaded to YouTube and more easily found.

Create Audios

Audio files deliver your content in a format that really sets you apart . . . and they’re very easy to listen to. When you include an audio version of your content, you’re offering people the opportunity to access your content as they do chores, workout or even travel.

Since podcasts continue to gain in popularity, you could even create your own niche-related “broadcast” delivered as a series of audio content that your subscribers would be interested in. Imagine the benefits to your Amazon affiliate business!

Use Social Sharing Buttons

social sharingAnd finally, when creating your content, it’s important that you recognize that people love sharing things they personally like. That’s why it’s vital that you install Social Sharing Buttons on your website.

Now your readers will be encouraged to share your content on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You only need one piece of content to go viral for your Amazon affiliate sites to experience an enormous flow of free traffic.

As you can see from the above, it’s not very difficult to spruce up your content. Put some time and thought into using images, videos, audios to ensure that your content is easy to read; that it stands out, and that it’s shareable.

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