New Version – Fresh Store Builder v1.7.12


Version v1.7.12 is now released. Continue reading full details.

Version Changes

  • Completely New Admin design
  • Added ability to install in a subfolder (e.g.
  • Fixed issues with bestsellers not showing on the homepage
  • Changed checkout for recent changes to Amazon USA
  • Fixed sub category view showing product price summary correctly
  • Changed default product listing to 100
  • Added parameter for showing direct link to Amazon product page on your product page (default Off)
  • Fixed product counts on the dashboard (products without offer etc.)
  • Fixed issue with Variation products showing no offers
  • Added search term to search pages meta (title and description)
  • Fixed issue with products expiring incorrectly
  • Fixed pagination issues in stores installed in a subfolder
  • Fixed price not showing correctly on product listings for variation products
  • Fixed login/logout for sites in a subdirectory

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