New Version – Fresh Store Builder v2.0.0


Version v2.0.0 is now released, 7th December 2010. Continue reading full details.

  • Fixed “All Products” links not showing on the Sitemap page
  • Fixed sub category images showing for sub-sub categories
  • Fixed sort order of categories on the sub category page
  • Now checks file and folder permissions on install and upgrade and admin area
  • /Cache folder
  • /Images folder
  • /Config folder
  • sitemap.xml
  • Fixed orphan products on homepage incorrect figure
  • Show warning in admin area for file and folder permissions
  • Fixed pagenames containing spaces and apostrophes
  • Fixed trying to add duplicate merchants
  • Fixed new products adding to merged manufacturers (
  • RSS Feeds added to the following sections:
  • Special Offers
  • Category Pages
  • All Products Page
  • Fixed error that sometimes shows when adding a single product
  • Fixed error in Product Finder when no results are shown
  • Restructured the Modernshop and Classic template product listing (moved to product layout to /elements/produclisting_product.php)
  • Fixed mismatch of product prices on product listing pages and product info page
  • Added hProduct rich snippets for shopping sites (
  • Fixed products “expiring” innacurately. Amazon are not providing consistent information on if a product is expired or not, so products are not shown on the site based on number of offers.
  • Manufacturers are now ordered alphabetically on the site (
  • Fixed problems with the product queue run when the product title is not being edited
  • Fix for All Products links (sidebar) on the sitemap page, on classic template
  • Fix number of manufacurers on homepage template option (modernshop template)
  • Correct Amazon logo now shows during checkout
  • Added the ability to remove images in the admin area template options
  • (
  • The images now show in the order as per Amazon. The default image is the Amazon default image.
  • Added a previous button to the product finder
  • Fixed version.ini error when upgrading from older versions
  • Changed review text across the site, as average rating and review count can no longer be obtained
  • Fixed updating of reviews iframe. Reviews now update as necessary when visiting the review page.
  • Review links no longer show if there are no reviews
  • Review page does a 301 redirect to the main product page if no reviews
  • Added the “Background Attachment” property to the admin area, CSS background images. You can now fix the background on all templates.
  • Changed default autopopulate delay to 60 minutes
  • Cron Jobs are no longer required
  • You do not need to remove existing cron jobs (they will just redirect to a blank script)
  • Cron Job tasks are now run automatically when the site is visited
  • The cron jobs are now known as “Autorun” tasks and can be viewed in the Tools menu of your admin area
  • You can adjust the frequency of certain tasks in the parameters section (frequency of autopopulate, product price updates, product image updates etc.)
  • Remove the Cron Jobs Randomised parameter
  • Install and Upgrade now checks for permissions on the /logs/folder
  • Added “Run Auto Populate” option to the admin area, so you can manually run the autopopulate and see the results
  • Removed rating information from product listings in the admin area, as this information is no longer available.
  • Speed improvements
  • Indexes are optimised
  • Maintenance tasks run to keep database efficient
  • More caching implemented
  • Fewer database calls

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