OneAzon is Launched!


This is the next generation of our popular “Fresh Bundle Master” WordPress plugin and is now available to order.

But.. what does it do? I am glad you asked 😁Here are just some features:

πŸš€ Easy Commission Maker – Adds high converting Amazon affiliate products and links instantly into your WordPress posts and pages.

🎁 Bundle & Boost – Combine several products together that your visitors can order with a single click, and you instantly boost the commissions you make many times over.

πŸ“ˆ Traffic Squeezer – Find out which products are the best ones to show automatically! Easily create split tests and maximize the commissions you make from your traffic.

🌍 Multi Country Support – Stop leaking commissions because your visitors come from a different country, with alternative products and bundles automatically shown based on location.

πŸ–Ό High Converting Designs – Choose from 10+ layouts with multiple options, creating completely unique and proven designs for your products and bundles.

πŸͺ Super Powered Cookies – Our trademark technology across all our products boosts the affiliate cookies from 24 hours to 90 days.. meaning you get an extra 89 days to make that sale!

That’s just a sample of what it can do.. check out all the details here:

More to explorer

We are hiring!

Would you like to join the Fresh Team? We’re looking for 3 x full-time and 1 x part-time team members in various positions.

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