OneAzon – New Version 3.2.1

OneAzon v3.2.1 released on 26th November 2019

We have released a new update to the popular Amazon plugin for WordPress, OneAzon.

Hot on the tails of our big version 3 release, we have fixed a few issues and updated the plugin to be fully compliant with Amazon PAAPI v5.

In plain english, this means we are now up to date and future proof with the latest Amazon changes, which will be enforced in January 2020.

The new version is available to download in your account or via your WordPress admin area, providing you have a valid license.

Here is a list of all the new features and recent fixes:

  • Updated to work with as a block in the new Guttenberg Editor
  • Implemented the new Amazon PAAPI (Product Advertising API) v5
  • Added a new “Amazon API Tag” Parameter to the parameters section (so you can use a different set of keys to your Amazon Tag)
  • Reworked the Amazon API keys so they are unique for each locale in your blog
  • Fixed warning messages and made them more descriptive.
  • Fixed an issue with the Amazon API Cache. Defaulted this to off.
  • Improved the error and throttling messages for API keys

Also in our recent v3.1.0, we made a lot of changes and fixes. This was released on 13th September and included:

Features & Improvements:

  • Add Amazon API shared cache as an option
  • Bypass the Amazon API Cache if it fails
  • Changes to API Throttling Error Messages
  • Changes to the licensing and messages


  • Fixed issues with country code redirection
  • Fixed issues with the shortcode
  • Fixed warning messages bug
  • Last Updated Date issue on bundles fixed
  • Fixed the account area layout
  • Fixed “Function create_function() is deprecated” issue
  • Removed irrelevant link from error messages
  • Fixed the error message for API keys missing

We hope you enjoy the new changes and improvements to OneAzon. Please contact support if you need help or if you have any suggestions for new features.

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